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"My visiting consultancy at the Award winning SHA Wellness Resort was an amazing experience.  Everyone in the team that I worked with was professional, hospitable, supportive and efficient, paying detailed attention to guests needs and outstanding service quality.  The resort has a soothing and charming atmosphere perfect for wellness, detoxification, recovery and relaxation.  It was a pleasure to carry out my treatment work with clients at SHA where the energy flows harmoniously throughout the resort.  It was a refreshing time for me to do my own detoxing, having spent months in pollution and the busy-ness of Beijing.  I look forward to my next consultancy and the opportunity to step back into this wonderful hub of wellness!"  Karen Himlok. March 2013


Holistic Combination Treatments Showcased at SHA Jan - Feb 2013


Therapies are often based on the origins of Traditional Chinese Medicine, integrating aspects of natural treatments with medical understanding of pathology. Important aspects of the treatment process is to stimulate energy flow to enhance healing, allow the nervous system to recover and to enable the body to relax. Some of the highlights are:


- Qigong Theta Healing CranialSacral Therapy: Qigong is a martial arts technique with which it is intended that the energies flow throughout the body while naturally eliminating ailments and pains. The technique can be applied in specific parts of the body or in general. Gentle manual manipulation which improves the nervous system function to help the person relax. It is possible to enter a state of complete relaxation and concentration through balancing the physiological structures of the craniosacral system, which includes the skull, spine and pelvis to stabilise energy for other organs and tissues. It serves to relieve stress, injuries and diseases.

In this therapy, the therapist must pay particular interest to the rhythms and beats of the cerebrospinal fluid to understand the overall functioning in the nervous system. QiGong Theta Healing CranioSacral Therapy is especially effective when looking for a general balance of the body, and is beneficial to those who focus their activity in meditation, yoga or professions that require clarity and creativity.


- Qigong Abdominal massage: it is very useful to help detoxify the body and is very effective before a colon hydrotherapy. The abdomen is a very sensitive area of the body where the digestive organs need to operate at their optimum, furthermore emotions may be held in this area during stress and cause upset to the digestive system. This massage is designed to relax the abdomen, relieve bloating, and reduce the discomfort in the abdomen especially during detox or weight loss while it can stimulate the digestive organs and improve overall digestion.  

- Acupoint therapy for Detox: , acupoint stimulation helps to open the meridians and allow the qi to flow so it can clear many blockages within the body. It also contributes strongly to the detoxification of certain parts of the body such as the kidneys, intestines or liver. Of course, Karen highlights that the benefits are higher with the combination of healthy nutrition like the SHA diet.


- Neuromuscular Release Therapy: A combination of acupoint therapy and Tuina to address musculoskeletal problems, injuries, sprains, tension, contractions, whether old or new problems for example stiff neck, shoulders, lower back pain, hip pain, etc. Tuina meaning push-pull, is another manual massage technique from Traditional Chinese Medicine that integrates the knowledge of western osteopathy with Chinese physiotherapy to resolve general muscle and joint problems.


- General Body Balancing and Meridian Therapy: General Body Balancing with acupoint therapy to enhance the flow of qi through all your body meridians, expelling of toxic qi and stimulating the flow of fresh healthy qi, improving the general blood and qi circulation. In TCM philosophy, this is how the immune system is improved.


About SHA

SHA is a world-wide pioneering well-being clinic focused in improving and notably lengthen people’s health and well-being through the fusion of the best natural therapies, mainly originated from millenarian eastern wisdom and the most advanced western techniques. SHA’s major fields are the nutrition and natural therapies (the SHA Method), Healthy-Ageing and non-invasive Aesthetic Medicine. Located in Albir Beach on the Costa Blanco, SHA sits on a beautiful mountainside overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, part of the Sierra Helada Natural Park, one of Spain’s foremost ornithological reserves.

SHA Wellness Clinic has the firm intention of helping society through the care of both mind and body by means of the ideal combination of ancient oriental techniques and the ultimate advances in western medicine, thus re-establishing a harmonious balance between body, mind and spirit.


SHA Method

The SHA Method combines the effective elements of modern macrobiotics nutrition and the curative powers of natural therapies with a dynamic and practical educational program, totally personalized to satisfy the needs of each person and his or her health goals. The beginnings of this union of ability and wisdom become enriched by the curative power of food through the application of a macrobiotic diet adapted to modern times, and merging Mediterranean and Japanese elements, being prescribed individually for each of the guests by the team of consultants, and realized by masters of haut-cuisine.

Once we are aware of the risk involved in developing any disease, we can (under the supervision of a specialist) take suitable and necessary measures to avoid that situation and personally redirect the patient. Early treatment and proper living habits allow prevention before the onset of symptoms and side effects. Correctly applying preventive medicine will help us live longer and have a better quality of life.

Recognized as Best International Medical Spa (Conde Nast Traveller 2011) and "Best European Destination Spa" in Europe (Conde Nast Johansens 2012), the SHA Wellness area has over 2,000 square meters with the recent expansion of this space, with the order to meet the expectations and extend welfare of their guests.
Within hydrotherapy one can enjoy therapeutic pools, such as physic-hydro-massage, tone-up pool, pebbles path, tepidarium, sauna, calidarium,sensation shower, and relaxation areas,
surrounded all by and incredible zen garden. There are also a installations for chromo-therapy and music therapy, where one can enjoy a multidimensional or an aqua relax massage.


"Karen in Treatment" photography by Ada Blanes

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