Energy moves and spreads in the body through channels called meridians and smaller channels known as collateral’s. Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture focus treatments on 12 main meridians and 14 extra meridians. A meridian will consist of its own set of points that tend to run through the body as a channel of energy. 

The activation of these points can release a significant amount of energy to stimulate the immune system and boost energy in the body in a short space of time.  The points can be activated through the use of heat, massage, infrared, needles or biowave. Most individuals cannot see ‘chi’ energy but they can feel it. When everything is going well we feel a sense of elation- that is qi.  Also when everything continues to go wrong, despite our best efforts, that is also qi, but in this case negative unbalanced or disordered qi.

Holistic Combination therapy

Holistic combination therapies will take into account pre-existing conditions and focus on the client’s specific health needs with recommendations, alternative solutions ans advice based on :

- Western and eastern nutrition philosophies 

- Bodywork such as Chinese physiotherapeutic techniques, acupoint meridian therapies and craniosacral qigong theta healing 

- Natural medicinal systems such as Traditional Chinese medicine, naturopathic & homeopathic, western and eastern herbal therapies. 

Holistic combination therapies can focus on detoxification, anti-ageing, neuromuscular release, energy balancing, relaxation and rejuvenation. 


Qi Qong Cranio Sacral Theta Healing

To enhance the power of your energy field and reset your nervous system.


Qi Qong Detox Abdominal Massage

A healing touch therapy from ancient China that focus on deep, gentle abdominal massage in order to « train » the internal abdominal organs to work more efficiently to improve physical and emotional health.


Acupoint therapy for Detox

Acupoint therapy stimulating specific detoxification points along the liver, kidney, stomach, large intestine, gall blader and spleen meridians to enhance your detox.


General Body Balancing

General Body Balancing with acupoint therapy to enhance the flow of qi through 12 major body meridians, expelling of toxic qi, stimulating the flow of fresh healthy qi, improving blood and qi circulation.


Neuromuscular Release Therapy

A combination of acupoint therapy and tuina (Chinese physiotherapy) to address musculo-skeletal problems, injuries, sprains, tension, contractions, wether old or new conditions.