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Healing mental blocks

Are you feeling confused, indecisive, overcrowded of thoughts or your thoughts and feelings are not clear? These are some signs that you may suffer from a mental block.

This workshop will teach you about Clearing your Mental Blocks with the activation of your Qi, through energetic therapies and theta healing meditation. It will be informative and provide you tools and knowledge about clearing blockages through your body and mind. A mind opening and changing experience of theta healing meditation will be included.

Please reserve your place.

Mind-Soul Matrix Workshops.

Group sessions where we learn to reconstruct or reinforce the power of the positive mind and we can learn how to uncreate negative thoughts.

1. You receive through email- a pre-session audio to listen to, to help you prepare for discussions and sharing in the next session

2. You receive a link to a related worksheet or set of focus material to help you prepare for discussions and sharing in the next session

3. Meditation or Visualisation is included in the Mind Soul Matrix Session

4. Session time 60-90minutes with herbal tea

5. Time and Venue of next session will be forwarded through email.

The range of topics :


Healthy Thinking

Allowing personal potential to flow forward

Creative Energy


Transforming Energy

Release of blocked energies and limited thinking patterns

Expanding Consciousness

Mental Detoxing

Physical Detoxing

Emotional Detoxing


Quantum Leaping

Healing past Karma including ancestral Karma

The group energy is amazing!