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"I met Karen during my stay at the SHA Wellness Clinic. It was such pleasure to share with her conversation, her knowledge of wellness techniques is extensive and very interesting. She is very personable and brings you much peace. She has wonderful hands and I have taken several of her treatments, which were truly exceptional. It would be great to come back to meet her.  


I Preysler, Madrid, Spain, 2013.  




I first went to see Karen for a sprained shoulder, in which she did acupoint therapy. She was also able to help me with dehydration and other Beijing environment-related health issues. After the treatment, my shoulder was no longer stiff and I felt great improvement. I went to see her again for my knees that I always had problems with from running. I had seen a physical therapist in the US previously, but physical therapy didn't seem to have as lasting effects. Karen explained her holistic approach to health and wellbeing, linking nutrition and daily life habits to the body as a whole. Days after the acupuncture treatment for my knees I got into a minor bike accident, falling on my knee. I went back to see Karen. This session opened up a completely different door. In addition to physical healing, Karen created the opportunity and space for me to talk about deeper emotional issues. I had also gone to see a professional therapist in the US, but was never able to settle my emotional issues. Karen was forthright, giving me an unbiased, honest perspective on these issues. Hearing her words of wisdom, I felt a weight was lifted. It was such a contrast to how I had always felt before. Not only were my knees feeling better and on their way to recovery, but I was also overwhelmed with a sense of relief after many years of emotional struggles. I went through a severe emotional transformation, that no one else before Karen has been able to provide for me. I am now finding ways to apply this new positive energy to other aspects of my life and even for my family. Karen is definitely a 'miracle worker' in my eyes. She is easy to talk to and very knowledgeable on health and the body. I highly recommend her for any health problems from physical to emotional issues. I couldn't be happier with the results I have seen and I strongly advocate for her natural holistic approach to health and well being.  


-Isabel (United States, living in Beijing) 2014  




Last year I was visiting friends in Beijing. It was very hot and humid and I began to feel problems with my blood circulation. My hands and my feet became cold and I felt clammy. China reminded on my first time in Asia with my husband in 2006. And it reminded me on the sudden loss of my husband two years ago which made me feel exhausted and without any energy in my body. On a friends special recommendation, I decided to see Karen. When I started with my first treatment I was skeptical, I couldn't imagine that her holistic therapy could improve my problems. I´m a German pharmacist and I had a western medicine education. At first she listened to me very in a very attentive and emphatic way. Then she analysed my pulse and my tongue. She intuitively understands my past and present distress not only the physical one but also the psychological and spiritual distress. Karen explained to me what my body needs and told me how a specific treatment would work on me. Then she recommended Acupoint Meridian Therapy with Cranio-sacral energy work and homeopathic remedies Her holistic therapy approach helped with my physical and emotional issues and increasing my energy. She explained about physical, mental and emotional health. During her treatments much of my inner grief was solved and finally i could cry. It helped me a lot and step by step I felt more energy in my body. Dr. Himlok also recommended herbal supplement that I took for one month. In the end my blood circulation was fine. The quality of my sleep was deeper and I felt relaxed and re-energized in the morning. I would certainly recommend her services to anyone to improve health and wellbeing. Monika Golan, Germany 2013  




I'm very happy to have the opportunity to highly recommend Dr Karen Himlok as a great professional with an impressive knowledge in oriental medicine, including chi nei tsang abdominal detox massage originating in thailand. Dr Karen has given to me the best treatments I've ever received! She is also very spiritualized and really helped me to understand the way I was feeling in a very difficult time of my life ! I've been doing everything she taught to me and i have a fantastic energy now ! I really hope to see her again, every year ,wherever she goes ,to improve my health and our friendship ! C Figureido, Sao Paulo, 2013.  




I have never had such incredible treatments as those I have had with Karen. I first met Karen at a wellness resort where I had gone earlier this year to give myself a boost between chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment following breast cancer. Karen had been recommended by both staff there and other guests. I found she had a kindly intuitive way of finding out the underlying stresses on mind and body which had contributed to my cancer. Her treatment went very deep and I had a huge sense of release. Her acupoint meridian treatment is very different from acupuncture I have had previously as it has instant amazing results. I would highly recommend Karen. Sally L, London 2013

Я пишу свой отзыв от себя и 4 своих подруг. Нам всем одновременно повезло иметь сессии с Карен и мы делились своими впечатлениями друг с другом во время этого. Хотя ощущения и переживания у всех были разные, для каждой из нас это был удивительный опыт познания себя. Карен очень мягкая, терпеливая и внимательная. Она нашла подход к каждой из нас. Наше короткое общение принесло большие плоды, и я уверена, что при нашей следующей встрече и будущих сессиях Карен поможет мне развязать другие запутанные узелки моего сознания. Светлана Таврина Москва, май 2013



С большим удовольствием хочу рекомендовать Карен, как потрясающего тонкого специалиста. Большой опыт и глубокие знания акупунктуры, гомеопатии, натуропатии, китайской и холистической медицины позволяют Карен подобрать для каждого оптимальный способ лечения. Наибольшее впечатление на меня произвели био-энергетические практики. На ее сеансах действительно происходит какое-то волшебство!!! Отдельно хочется отметить необыкновенно душевные, добрые отношения, которые складываются у Карен, как мне кажется, с каждым пациентом.  
Дарья Перфилова, SHA Clinic 2013 ( Москва РФ)


I knew something about Qigong and had received acupuncture before I discovered Karen’s Website, but I had never received Qigong therapy before I visited her ornate and tranquil Beijing practice. Karen went into great depth regarding my past medical history and gently probed for any possible underlying reasons behind my current condition, the results of which were revealing, and gave Karen a plan for addressing my condition and symptoms. The most striking parts of her treatment were the Qigong therapy part and acupuncture. I experienced a definite “shift” during the Qigong therapy, and I was actually in dream sleep within 5 minutes, which has never happened before, even at night. Karen’s acupuncture treatment was also incredibly relaxing, and afterwards I experienced significantly improved blood flow to the targeted areas. Karen also looked at nutrition and supplements, targeting each to make improvements in my condition. Her approach was extremely balanced and integrated and you really feel that you are in the hands of a knowledgeable health care professional. Karen is also extremely diligent about following up after appointments to check on the progress of treatments-I highly recommend her.


S Stafford, Beijing, China 2013 (From UK)




I had very little knowledge about Chinese Medicine and Qi when I first went to see Karen but as soon as I sat down and spoke to her about my health problems, she made the whole room feel so comfortable. Karen is a great listener and an extremely patient practitioner. She's not only helped me a great deal with my neck pain, she's taught me so much about mental and emotional health. Karen spends a great deal of time and effort in personalising each session for her clients, which makes the whole acupoint meridian treatment experience rather relaxing. I am so happy that I met Karen through a good friend and I would certainly recommend her services to anyone who is looking to improve their health.


K Jinfrom New Zealand, 2013




I am writing my review from myself and four of my friends as We are all fortunate to have discovered Karen's holistic combination treatments. We each shared our customised healing experiences with one another. While the feelings and benefits have been so different and unique for each of us, it was an amazing learning experience in itself. Karen is very soft, patient and attentive. She found the right approach and concern for each of us while the holistic treatments and consultations brought great benefits. I am confident in that with our next session and future sessions, Karen will continue to help me unravel my thoughts, regain clarity and peace of mind.Svetlana T Moscow, May 2013




"I met Karen this January and found her treatments there to be truly life changing; certainly the highlight of my stay. To find the right words to convey what I felt is a hard task! Internal struggles with which I was grappling shifted for me during her Cranio Sacral Qi Gong energy work so that afterwards when I returned to an old situation which would before have baffled me, now I approached it with ease and comfort. For years I have had back problems which doctors had told me could be seriously problematic one day if not remedied and yet nobody seemed to be able to help me. Karen's acupuncture went deep where nobody had reached before. Today I am incredibly grateful to say my back is better than ever. Karen is a beautiful, wise and incredibly intuitive person who transmits a knowing of limitless possibilities which inspired me to challenge my outlook and helped me to grow. I am blessed to have met her and will be a returning customer!"


L Compton. London, UK 2013

Conocí a Karen en el SHA Wellness Clinic. Fue todo un placer compartir con ella conversación ya que sus conocimientos sobre las técnicas de bienestar son amplísimos y muy interesantes. Es una persona muy cercana que te aporta mucha paz. Tiene unas manos maravillosas y sus tratamientos me hicieron mucho bien. Fueron verdaderamente excepcionales. Sería estupendo volver a encontrarme con ella. 

ISABEL PREYSLERMadrid, Spain, 2013

Ich hatte keine Erfahrung mit Akupunktur oder Energieheilung, als ich das erste mal zu Karen kam. Ich wusste also nicht wirklich, was ich erwarten sollte. Inzwischen bin ich schon seit fast einem halben Jahr bei ihr in Behandlung und habe sie vielen Freunden empfohlen und sogar meiner Familie, als diese zu Besuch kamen. Sie hat mir nicht nur mit meinen Kopfschmerzen geholfen, sondern auch dabei, einen ausgeglicheneren Lebensstil zu verfolgen. Obwohl ich mich von Natur her nicht leicht öffne, hat sie die richtige Mischung aus Geduld, Intuition und Achtsamkeit, um zu mir durchzudringen. Sie weiß genau, welche Behandlung angebracht ist, egal mit welchen kleinen oder größeren Problemen man zu ihr kommt."                                                                        Anne G. 2012, Germany

"Dear Karen, Thank you so much for your treatment. During two months after your sessions I've been feeling powerful steam of energy. Relationship between me and my husband becomes much better. It is really sad for me that we only had just a few healing sessions. Hope to see you again soon. am very thankful and pleased with your work from the heart. With great pleasure I express my self: Dasha, Moscow 2013 With great pleasure we would like to recommend Karen as a stunning fine specialist. She has a lot of experience and deep knowledge of acupuncture, homeopathy, naturopathy, Chinese and holistic medicine which allows Karen to choose the optimal way for each treatment. The greatest impression on me were the bio-energy practices. Her sessions are really kind of magic! Separately I would like to mention the incredibly emotional, sincere relationships that I believe are developed by Karen with each of her clients". Daria P. 2013 (Moscow Russia)




“Dr. Himlok has managed to completely change my perspective on treatment. She is extremely knowledgeable and professional and has a great client approach. When it come to health it is very important to work with a practitioner you can fully trust and rely on: Dr. Himlok really listens to you and is able to guide you and explain to you what your body needs and does tell you how a specific treatment would work on you and why or why not. Her acupuncture has helped me deal with some physical and emotional issues helping me channeling my energy. Dr. Himlok also recommended some supplement and some lifestyle changes that did make a difference. She is very caring and would always be checking on me even if I could not make it to a session and is always there to give advice and suggestion. I would certainly recommend her services to anyone who is looking to improve their wellbeing.”  Federica B. 2012 (from Italy)



“I've known Dr Karen Himlok for the past few years. We met each other 'by chance' in a health food store and exchanged business cards. As a radio reporter in Beijing I felt she had a story to tell, and I was right. Dr Karen has spent years dedicating herself to helping others improve their overall health and well-being and was able to assist me with a program of acupuncture - which greatly assisted some long term pain. She brings a holistic approach to helping her patients and I've been able to confidently recommend her to many friends and workmates who she's also been able to help.”   Jules Page. Beijing, (From Australia) 2010-2012


“En tant que patiente depuis bientôt deux ans, j’aimerais vous recommander vivement Dr Karen Himlok. Karen est un docteur expérimenté en homéopathie et acupuncture, ainsi qu’une naturopathe et utilise une approche holistique et personnalisée lors de ses traitements.  Je suis très reconnaissante et satisfaite des soins divers qu’elle m’a donnés a la suite de différents soucis de santé, rencontrés ces deux dernières années. Grace a son approche unique et son attitude attentive, mon état de santé et mon bien-être général se sont très nettement améliorés. Outre son savoir faire indéniable, Karen est également une femme merveilleuse qui sait écouter et s’intéresse réellement a ses patients.”  Florence Langlois, Beijing, 2010.

Я познакомилась С Karen Himlok во время своего пребывания в SHA Wellness Clinic. Визит к Karen не входил в обязательную программу,

но меня заинтересовала методика Karen представленная в рекламном проспекте. С первого же визита Karen произвела на меня впечатление как вдумчивый доктор, диагност и человек не равнодушный к проблемам своих пациентов. Я решила продлить лечение и постаралась записаться на прием на каждый день своего пребывания. Вначале это было несложно, а впоследствии очень сложно было найти окно в её расписании.

Я могу порекомендовать Karen как очень хорошего профессионала, предлагающего методы лечения основанные на принципе восстановления энергетического баланса и направленные на восстановление утраченных способностей организма и, как следствие, приводящие к исцелению. Анна, Москва, август 2013

“I receive acupoint therapy sessions and facial care in Beijing by an experienced physician, Karen Himlok. At one session a week, and after two weeks, I quickly found a face more relaxed with less puffiness, until the complete disappearance of some recalcitrant acne. This method makes it possible to relax the facial muscles, improving their tone by acting on sagging lines. My skin is clearer, sharper and also softer, with a reduction of wrinkles. Karen also has detoxification and skincare experience in the London health and beauty industry after she worked in St James Park, Covent Garden and Kensington, UK as a homeopath - naturopath. I am very satisfied with this treatment style, and I appreciate the more personal approach by Karen, who with knowledge in naturopathy, nutrition and Chinese Medicine will help you to understand the reasons for your problems and solve them by using natural means.”  


Véronique C. 2012 (from France)



"I didn't have any experience with acupuncture or energy healing when I first came to Karen, so I didn't really know what to expect. I've now been going to treatment with her for almost half a year and recommended her to a lot of friends and even my family visiting. She's not only done a great job getting rid of my headaches, she's helping me to lead a more balanced lifestyle. Although I'm not a person who easily opens up, she has the right mixture of patience, intuition and care to get through to me. A day after one of her energy treatments I sent her a message to say that I felt the happiest than I’ve ever felt since coming to China. She has a way of knowing exactly what you need, no matter what type of person you are or what kind of smaller or bigger problems you come to her for. »  


Anne G. CRI. Beijing, 2012 (From Germany)




“The main reason for my initial contact with Karen Himlok was my determination to find an alternative therapy to the mainstream western medical one and I have taken treatments with her for 1 year. With her experience in diverse healing disciplines Karen has been able to treat my condition holistically without the need to resort to drug therapies. She has used Acupuncture Meridian therapy as the central modality and has complemented this with Cranio-sacral energy work, Nutrition, Homeopathic Remedies and Chinese Tui Na physiotherapy as necessary. I have also benefitted from her supervision of a liver detoxification program I undertook and the emphasis she places on a sensible diet. Before starting on the course of treatment a number of the concepts on which these alternative therapies are based were unknown to me as I am sure is the case with many of her clients, particularly Westerners. She has been able to patiently explain these to me, often contrasting and comparing them with western concepts, showing a deep understanding of these therapies. I am impressed by her willingness to seek out the advice of other practitioners who she considers may have greater experience in some area related to my condition and which might benefit me. I am also impressed by her flexibility and skill in integrating western diagnostic testing with her own holistic analysis. She has shown a willingness to carry out related research beyond the timelines of the treatment session. In my opinion Karen is a true healer who operates from both the heart and the mind. She is intuitive, caring, intelligent and is able to articulate these aspects of her character in her therapeutic work. I recommend Karen Himlok without hesitation to anyone looking for a committed practitioner with whom to entrust their health. There is no one with the same mix of skills in Beijing, perhaps China.” John Morgan, Beijing 2011 -2012 (from New Zealand)













مع الشكر الجزيل

Beirut, Lebanon 2013
Neredeyse 1 yıldır Karen Himlok ile birlikte akapunktur tedavisi görüyorum, sonuçtan çok menmumun ve Karen yaptığı işte çok başarılı.Karen çok profosyonel ama aynı zamanda tedavi sırasında zamanı takip etmekten çok hastasının durumuna göre daha fazla zaman ayırabiliyor, zaman bittiğinde çok zaman tedavi hala devam ediyor. Çine taşındıktan kısa bir süre sonra çok ciddi boyun ağrılarım oldu.Buradaki ilk olarak fizk tedavi oldum normal batı tarzı bir hastanede, ama çok kısa süre sonra aynı şekilde tekraretti. Daha sonra da yerel bazı masaj ve akunpunktur tedavileri denedim ancak sonuç yine olmusuzdu. Arkasından Karen'dan akupunktur tedavisi aldım ve onun akapunktur yöntemi Çinli doktorlardan çok farklı ve çok daha fazla etkili.Bir kaç tedaviden sonra bütün ağrılarım azaldı ve şimdi çok arada akapuntur tedavisi yaptırıyorum.Onunla tanıştığım için çok mutluyum ve şimdi Beijing dışına taşınırsak ne yaparım diye düşünüyorum.Karen'ın kesinlikle farklı bir ve eşsiz bir stili var, Beijing'de onun gibi birisinin daha olmadığını düşünüyorum.Çünkü çok fazla yerli ve yabancı tedavi denedim burada. En beğendiğim noktalardan birisi de Karen tedavi sırasında saatini çok kontrol etmiyor, daha çok hastanın ihtiyacına göre zamanında çok zaman uzatabiliyor. Karen'ın tedavisini herkese öneririm. 
Gülcan Çelik 2011-2012 (From Turkey )

“For several months I have seen Karen Himlok regarding various health concerns, particularly back pain and digestive problems. I am very pleased with the results. I feel much better physically and I found new energy and a positive attitude. Karen is always patient and very attentive, and understands the reasons behind my problems. She helps her patients by enabling them to understand how they can take care of themselves better. I believe she has succeeded because of her unique global holistic approach integrated with medical knowledge.”


Corinne B. Beijing from France 2012




“I’ve had back and shoulder aches for a few months and nobody could help me. So I took the chance consulting Dr Himlok when I’ve been to Beijing in summer 2012 because of the recommendation of my daughter. I’ve never tried such a treatment before and I felt like a mixture of hope and fear. I was really surprised of the time she took for listening to me, explaining everything she did and giving advice for the future. So she sets up an atmosphere of trust and co-operation. And even though I’ve been there only twice (because my holidays were short) I could improve my wellbeing. The only thing I feel sorry for is that I can't go on with her treatment because I haven’t found a doctor of the same value (academic background in connection with personal empathy) in Germany up to now . I would highly recommend Dr Karen Himlok to anyone.” Jana Milke, Germany, 2012




“It is without hesitation that I write this recommendation for Karen Himlok, an internationally well educated professional and a classic healer with an impressive skill set in medicine, Chinese Medicine, herbal homeopathic medicine, psychology and bio-energetic healing. I’ve known countless other healers for years, and of Karen I wish to convey that she is a courageous intuitive who works from the heart. Often she intuitively understands the past and present distress of her client at deep and various levels, not only of the physical but also at the psychological and spiritual planes. She skillfully and patiently applies her academic and practical knowledge to deal with complicated cases no matter how demanding or challenging the clients, as long as they connect for help, Karen persists with grace and kindness. My clients only had good things to say of Karen’s treatments and were happy to have her set of talents and up to date knowledge focused on their issues, all experienced positive form of change and were pleasantly satisfied with the results.” Twentyman, United Kingdom 2003-2010

“Je vois Karen Himlok depuis plusieurs mois pour divers soucis de sante, en particulier des maux de dos et des problèmes digestifs.  Je suis très satisfaite des résultats. Je me sens beaucoup mieux physiquement et j’ai retrouve une nouvelle énergie et une attitude positive. 

Karen a réussi grâce a ses connaissances médicales et son approche « globale » à me faire prendre conscience des raisons derrière mes problèmes.  Karen fait toujours preuve de patience et est très à l’écoute. Elle traite ses patients en les aidant à comprendre comment ils peuvent s’aider eux même.” 

Corinne B. Beijing from France 2012

Je pratique des séances d'acupuncture dispensées à Beijing par un médecin expérimenté, le Dr Karen Himlok.

A raison d'une séance par semaine, et après deux semaines, j'ai très rapidement constaté un visage plus détendu, moins de poches sous les yeux, jusqu'à la disparition complète de quelques boutons d'acné récalcitrants.

Cette méthode permet donc de détendre les muscles du visage, améliorant leur tonicité en agissant sur l'affaissement des traits. Ma peau est plus claire, plus nette et aussi plus douce, avec une atténuation des rides.

Je suis très satisfaite de ce traitement, et j'apprécie en plus l'approche très personnelle de Karen, qui, de par sa formation de  naturopathe vous aide à comprendre les raisons de vos problèmes et les résoudre à l'aide de moyens naturels.


Véronique C. (from France) 2012


“It is with sincere enthusiasim and without hesitation that I write this recommendation for Karen Himlok, naturopath & homeopath, holistic physician. Because I avoid the use or application of drug therapies, Dr. Himlok is my main care-giver for a variety of China/BJ related pollution problems, as well as over-all health maintenance. She has been instrumental in bringing my lung issues under control and she has all the skills necessary to address any of my health needs, including a recent puncture wound to my leg. From acupuncture sessions to healing teas to energy sessions, Dr. Himlok has effectively administered treatments on me. Not only does she have a very impressive academic background and set of degrees to her name, she also has a deep heart & soul commitment seldom found in healers of today. Karen Himlok is an invaluable asset to the BJ community and I hope she continues to practice here for as long as I am in China!”  




Danielle Tymczyszyn, Beijing, China 2011 – 2012 (from USA)




“I want to say that Karen Himlok has been a great help to me with the unique combination of holistic therapy sessions I had with her. I hope to continue to enjoy additional treatments. I feel 100% better due to her acupoint meridian therapy, tuina-physio body work, homeopathic medicine and dietary suggestions. I enjoyed my time spent with her therapies over the year and I would highly recommend her care and services to any future client as the treatments and advice addressing physical, emotional and energetic issues given by Karen are first rate.”




Joy Yang, Beijing, China, 2011-2012




“As I have been a patient for almost two years, I would like to highly recommend Dr Karen Himlok. Karen is an experienced doctor in homeopathy and acupuncture, as well as a naturopath and used a personalized and holistic approach in her treatments. I am very thankful and pleased with the results as she treated me for different issues regarding my health, these last two years. My overall health and well being had improved tremendously, thanks for her unique approach and her kind attitude. Besides her undeniable savoir faire, Karen is also a great listener and a wonderful lady, who truly cares for her patients.” Florence Langlois, Beijing 2010 – 2012. (from USA, France)

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