You are More Than The Sum of Your Symptoms

Each and every being possess its own energy known in the ancient medicines including Prana and Baraka or Qi (Chi), the Vital Force. When this energy is not flowing smoothly -you feel it : the backache, painful shoulder, digestive disorders, old sport injuries that resurface, insomnia, the feeling of being lost, confused, stressed or depressed.


What is Holistic? 

Holistic therapy intends to treat the individual (you) as a whole on all levels - mind, body and spirit. This system emphasizes the need to look at the whole person, including analysis of nutritional, environmental, and lifestyle matters. Holistic medicine encompasses all stated modalities of diagnosis and treatment, the effects of drugs and surgery, while focusing on education and retraining the body and mind to achieve balance and well being.


A holistic approach to wellness means that we engage and apply the best understanding and therapies to the whole person, to as many or all levels of their being as possible - physical, emotional, mental levels and (if ready) the spiritual level can be included as well.

Combining Eastern and Western Therapies

Traditional Chinese Medicine to relieve pain, boost stamina and vitality and promote smooth energy flow


Nutritional support using eastern and western dietary philosophy for detox, weight loss and anti-ageing


Qi Gong Theta Healing Combination to loosen tension and stress, reset and recondition the nervous system.


General Body Balancing to activate and balance your energy


Facial Rejuvenation acupoint therapy for anti-ageing or to uplift and revitalise the appearance of the face. 


Karen supports your body holistically, naturally and as safely as possible. Her knowledge, attentiveness, sensitivity and commitment enable her to understand how to efficiently achieve a positive change and during therapies will explain how you are able to sustain that.  Together, with your interest to have balance restored and with your co-operation, Karen will provide a suitable combination of holistic treatments to shift you to a healthier state.  

Healing is a life journey and can be complicated, whether you're recovering from physical symptoms, emotional issues or mental disorders.  


Number and Frequency of sessions depend on:

  • type of illness at physical, emotional and/or mental levels
  • severity or complexity of the illness
  • whether illness or dysfunction started a long time ago or recently
  • whether the client wishes to shift and improve physically only or whether support is also needed emotionally and mentally
  • how the client integrates recommendations related to exercise or nutrition outside of the sessions to support the benefits of the therapies (eg. stretches or avoiding certain foods)

Once you have harnessed your own self healing potential, and improve the flow of your energy through your body, you will have a stronger control over your health, your vitality and your mind.

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